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Honey and Sulphur

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PostSubject: Rules. MUST READ   Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:27 am

1) Try to be nice. If you can't be nice, find somewhere else to post.
If you can't be nice, try to be polite.
2) For the love of god, NO PAGE STRETCHING. It's annoying. And it makes my iTouch & peoples computers slow down. If you need to post a lot of pics, make thumbnails or links.
3) Joking around is fine, but please don't be sexually explicit. We usually don't need
to know. Kthnx.
4) NO PORNO. NO GORE. If we wanted to see that, we would google it. If you're going to post something that is suggestive, link it. And warn people.
5) No flaming. It's annoying. And rather rude. All flame treads I see will be deleted.
6) NO trolls. Also annoying. Also will be deleted.
7) PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE DIFFERING OPINIONS. If you can't handle that, get the fuck off the Internet.
Cool This is the Internet. Don't take it too seriously.
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